Countd FAQ’s

About us

What is countd?
How do I get started?
What features are included ?
What subscription packages are offered by Countd?

Food Subscription & Delivery

Which Restaurants are listed On Countd?
How do I subscribe?
How do I know whent the food will be delivered?
What are your delivery timings?
What if the wrong meal was delivered?
What if the delivery is late?
How and when can I change my delivery time and location?
How Is The Food Delivered?
How often is the food delivered?
What If I’m Not Around When My Rider Arrives?
Got a complaint?


How do I pay for my subscription?
Why has my payment been declined?
How can I renew my subscription?
How do I redeem a discount / promo code?
Can I cancel or change my subscription?
Would I receive a full refund?

Meal Planning

Can I schedule my meals In Advance?
Can I Collect My Order?
What If Something Is Wrong With My Order?
What If I Want To Add Something To My Order?
What If My Order Is Late?
Can I rate my meal?
What happens when I ‘skip delivery’?
Can I see a sample of the meals before I pay?
Are the meals that are selected automatically confirmed?
Can I order for 2 people?
Can I specify certain food requests?
Is it possible to have a meal plan for 4 days in the week instead of 5? (or more/less)
In terms of meal choices, do I get to pick them upon purchasing the package or is there a set menu?
Will I receive anything for referring a family / friend?
Would be possible for me to exclude a specific meal if I have it once and don’t like it?


Does Countd curate meals based on my allergies?
Can I customize my calorie intake / macros?

Fitness Tracking

Which fitness trackers can I connect with Countd?
How do I connect my fitness tracker?
What data is tracked and shown on my personal dashboard?

Nutritionist Services & Coaching

Does Countd offer a nutritionist service?
Can the nutritionist help me create my plan?

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