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Whether you're seeking an über competitive leaderboard or a more individual-focused daily step challenge. Create challenges based on steps or active minutes.

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Track Your Steps

Connect your smartphone and earn points by completing daily step goals. The more you walk, the more points you may earn.

Get Active

Active minutes are recorded when your heart rate is elevated. Earn points by completing 30 mins of your favorite workout.

View Leaderboard

Step to the #1 spot by racking up the most steps or active minutes on the leaderboard.

Win Prizes

Spice up your challenge and throw in a prize for the winner. Get motivated and start winning!

How it works

Create a Challenge & Invite your Family & Friends

Whether you want to invite your parents or grandparents, fitness-loving friends or even friends who avoid the gym at all costs, our challenges are for everyone to enjoy regardless of fitness level or age.

Track Activity & Earn Points

With a variety of fitness tracker integrations, you can compete with your friends no matter which device they use. Don’t have a fitness tracker? No problem. Connect your smartphone and earn points for tracking your steps.

Compete & Win Stunning Prizes

Achieve ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard. Participants are ranked from high to low based on total activity. A fitness competition classic!

Create a Challenge

It’s time to kick start your own challenge!

Grab your friends, lace up your shoes and get to stepping!

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